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Project Management

Asset Construction Consultants can provide a full Project Management service. In broad terms we can assist in delivering a mechanism for a reliable outcome against something which is constantly changing. You, the client, are kept informed by a constant reporting role.

Construction Management can including project programming if necessary plus advice on building materials and construction methods.

As Project Managers, our aim is to deliver the client’s brief whilst protecting your interests at all times.

These services will include but are not limited to defining the scope, agreeing and ensuring targets are met, preparing a programme for the works and updating throughout the contract period and uniting necessary resources to lead the team through to a successful conclusion.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.


Contract Administration

Asset Construction Consultants can act as your Contact Administrators for any type of building project. This includes services from initial tender stage right through to the end of the defects liability period. Asset Construction Consultants ensure the works proceed and are carried out on site in accordance with the contact documents.

Asset Construction Consultants aim to achieve successful completion of projects within the clients budget. We work together with the client, other members of the design team and of course the Contractors themselves to ensure that the project is delivered as expected, as budgeted and on time.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Discussing and provide a list of possible firms for inclusion on tender lists
  • Discussing suggested contract procedures to be adopted
  • Preparing tender documents and invite tenders or negotiate prices with suitable Contractors
  • Preparing tender analysis and advising the employer on tenders received
  • Advise on the appointment of contractors, arranging pre-contract meetings to discuss programme and organisation.
  • Prepare contract documents and arrange signature by both parties.
  • Supply all necessary information to the contractors, arranging for the commencement of the works and checking the contractor’s programme.
  • Administering the terms of the building contract and the on site works including:
  •          Visiting the site (usually weekly) to monitor the progress and quality.
  •          Preparing valuations.
  •          Issuing all the necessary certificates.
  • Prepare monthly reports on progress and actual expenditure in consultation with other consultants where appointed and relating expenditure to budget.
  • Give advice on costings and timetable to completion
  • In consultation with other consultants where appointed, examine all documents, measuring works, and agree the final account with the contractor.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances


Budget Costing

For most construction projects, whether small or large scale, a very important part is the cost. Certainty, as far as possible, gives power, flexibility and reassurance.

Asset Construction Consultants can, if necessary, calculate budget costs for your particular project. This can be useful to determine whether to proceed with the preparation of drawings etc.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.

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