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Asset Construction Consultants are able to provide the full service for those purchasing or selling a property. We realise this is an expensive time for all involved and therefore have a range of services to suit a variety of budgets.

For the budget conscious, we can carry out surveys of any defects you are concerned about which have been highlighted by the Bank or Building Society valuation. This will involve carrying out a site survey of the highlighted defects which will be followed by a detailed written report giving the cause, remedy and in some cases budget costings. Occasionally, the written report will include findings obtained from the use of specialists, for example wet/dry rot, woodworm etc.

The normal survey we carry out is the Building Survey (previously known as a Structural Survey). We get asked to carry out these surveys on all types of properties including modern and sometimes those that are fairly new. However, this type of Report is usually highly recommended for properties which are more than a hundred years old, which are very large, or those which are unusual by virtue of design or construction.

This survey is very comprehensive, looking in detail at all elements of the property and reporting on the findings.  A Building Survey is an investigation into the assessment of the construction and condition of the building. It is based upon a detailed inspection, externally and internally, in as much depth as is possible without damaging the building or contents.

The Report details important elements of the structure and fabric, and the likely cause of any defects and what repairs are recommended as well as advising whether further investigation by Specialists may be considered desirable.

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It will normally include guidance on maintenance remedial works and detailed comment upon individual defects. Where the report includes work prepared by specialists, but these will accompany and compliment the full report and Asset Construction Consultants will manage the whole process. We do not normally include a valuation for marketing purposes with this survey nor do we provide a Reinstatement Cost Assessment, although both can be provided for an additional fee. Valuations for marketing purposes are normally carried out by an external consultant where is Reinstatement Cost Assessments are carried out by Asset Construction Consultants

In conjunction with the reports, we will wherever possible, review any relevant technical and legal documentation.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.

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Commercial Property Surveys

Asset Construction Consultants can carry out full commercial property surveys on a multitude of building types.

It may also be necessary to engage the services of specialist consultants to inspect say the mechanical and electrical services installations. These reports are normally included within our report so you have all the required information and the full picture relating to the premises.

We can also liaise with and discuss our findings with your legal advisors if you are purchasing or negotiating a new lease or renewal of an existing one.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.

Stock Condition Surveys

For many organisations, including local authorities and landlords, the condition of their housing stock is key to formulating a strategic approach to the management and maintenance of those valuable assets.

Asset Construction Consultants are able to carry out full stock condition surveys for a variety of building types and uses depending on your needs and requirements.

We can survey the buildings, collect the necessary information and collate and analyse the data to give a useful report to meet your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances

Measured Surveys

Asset Construction Consultants can carry out full detailed measured surveys of any type or size of property. We use the latest laser measuring equipment together with traditional equipment to carry out the surveys and produce these drawings. This survey can be used for several different things including but not limited to:

  • Extension and alteration work
  • Refurbishments
  • Conversions
  • Attaching to leases
  • Assisting with EPCs

Land Surveys

Asset Construction Consultants are able to carry out land surveys including boundary and level surveys. These can be used for a variety of things including feasibility studies right through to larger new build projects. These surveys provide detailed height data for a site, normally relating back to a fixed datum point (sometimes a benchmark).


Planned Maintenance Plans

It is obvious, but prevention is better than the cure, and that a proactive, rather than reactive approach to building maintenance brings the best results.

All buildings, whether the large Victorian block of flats or the modern complex commercial building can all benefit from a structural Planned Maintenance Plan. In some way this is more important for modern structures because of the large quantity of or complex mechanical and electrical installations.

Asset Construction Consultants have experience in developing such plans so that maintenance is thought about and budgeted for. Ultimately, this results in a building which is in good condition and consequently worth more than a building which has been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.


Asset Construction Consultants can assist you will all aspects in relation to the law of dilapidations and leases.

Even before you take on a new lease and occupy a new premises Asset Construction Consultants can assist. We can prepare Schedules of Condition for new leases. This schedule, which will normally include a set of photographs, will prove a useful and normally valuable tool at the end of a lease. If necessary and desired, Asset Construction Consultants can provide as existing drawings of the property to accompany the schedule. The Schedule of Condition, along with the photographs, can if requested be provided on a CD-Rom which may be easier to store, retrieve and refer to both during and at the end of a lease.

Asset Construction Consultants can also assist with the preparation and negotiation of Dilapidation Schedules for Landlords and defence and negotiation of Dilapidation Claims for Tenants.

Furthermore, we can give dilapidations advice on the following:

  • Repairing covenants in new leases
  • The procurement of building works in compliance with repairing covenants
  • Checking, approving and monitoring Tenant’s alteration work
  • Tenants’ liability on the expiration of the Lease Term
  • Operation of Break Clauses

There is considerable legislation in relation to dilapidations, the main ones of which are listed below with a brief summary:

Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007
Legislation designed to integrate health and safety into the design, construction and management of building projects. This may apply to remedial works required under the terms of a lease or works undertaken by Landlord at termination of lease. The appointment of CDM Co-Ordinator may be a legitimate cost incurred by the Landlord.

Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2006
This imposes duty on those responsibility for repair and maintenance of commercial properties to prevent exposure to asbestos. This is often included within a Dilapidations Claim especially where works are required to be carried out and there is no information currently available.

Defective Premises Act 1972
Section 4:- This Imposes duty on Landlord with responsibility for repair to ensure the safety of all persons who may be affected by defects.

Equality Act 2010
This provides an obligation on occupiers to provide reasonable access for those with a disability.

Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
This act is concerned with Health, Safety and Welfare in connection with work.

Landlord & Tenant Act 1927
Section 18:- This puts a limitation on Landlords claim to the diminution in the reversionary value.
Section 19:- This relates to Landlords permission to alter building, which should not be unreasonably withheld where the lease limits alteration without licence or consent.

Landlord & Tenant Act 1954
Part II:- Security of tenure in relation to business tenants.
Section 25:- Notice required by Landlord to terminate a tenancy.

Landlord & Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995
Modifies Law in relation to lease liabilities. Main effects on leases after January 1996.

Land Registration Act 2002
Requirement to register leases at Land Registry.  Leases granted prior to 13th October 2003 for a term of more than 21 years and leases after this date of more than 7 years require registration.

Law of Property Act 1925
Section 146:- Prescribed notice to be issued by Landlord prior to forfeiting lease or seeking damages.

Leasehold Property Repairs Act 1938
Limits Landlords rights to forfeit lease or claim damages where the lease term is 7 years or greater and at least 3 years remain.

Limitation Act 1980
This imposes time limits claims for breach of repairing obligations. There is a limitation of 12 years for Leases signed under seal (except 6 years for non-payment of rent) and six years for all other leases.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.

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Building Defects

Asset Construction Consultants are experienced in the subject area of diagnosing and reporting on building defects. There are a multitude of problems that can affect all buildings and sometimes there are several problems affecting the same part of the structure. Whatever the problem, whether you have a leaking roof or a wall suffering from a type of cracking, we carry out a site survey of the defect or defects followed by providing a detailed written report giving the cause, remedy and in some cases budget costings.

In some cases the written report will include findings obtained from the use of specialists, for example wet/dry rot, woodworm etc.

If necessary Asset Construction Consultants can, from this initial report, assist you with carrying out the works needed to rectify the defect. Often this would involve preparing a specification of works (see Design section for more details), obtaining competitive tenders and administering the building contract on your behalf (see Construction section for more details).

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.

Building Cost Reinstatement Assessments

Asset Construction Consultants can give guidance and advice for calculating the Cost Reinstatement for many types of different buildings within the UK, particularly residential and commercial properties.

In domestic situations, most domestic house insurance policies require that the sum assured is the full rebuilding cost of the property. It is the responsibility of the insured to get this figure right. The Building Cost Information Service is commissioned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to provide guidance figures for the rebuilding cost of a home.

Asset Construction Consultants can assist with calculating the reinstatement cost of the property. To arrive at a figure, factors such as quality, construction methods and fixtures and fittings are taken into account. Additional factors such as non traditional construction, more than two storeys, basements and cellars, special design features, historic or listed buildings or particularly large or small houses are also taken into account.

The calculation is normally started with working out the gross external floor area of the house in m², measured to the external face of the external walls including all floors. Then, external features such as garages, outbuildings, walls, fences, etc. are added.

Finally, a regional adjustment is then applied depending on where the property is located.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any of the above and to obtain a competitive fee quote for your particular circumstances.

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